Lou and Paula's Rabbits
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Experience and customer service.  We sell 500 or more rabbits every year.  People often come long distances to purchase one of our quality rabbits.  We care for our rabbits daily and take excellent care of them, keeping them in optimal health.  You won't be disappointed with our animals.

We specialize in all varieties of rabbits, including Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, Holland Lop, Mini Loop, Lion Heads, Mini Rex, English Lop and Flemish Giants.  Prices start at $5.  We provide breeding and training information for your rabbits, help you pick out the right equpment and can help with raising new rabbits or with breeding.  We also sell chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons.   We also carry a large variety of cages from $10 to over $100.  Contact us at (616)691-6619 for an appointment or to discuss anything with us about rabbits.

We are located at 11353 10 Mile Road, N.E. Rockford, MI 49341 which is 6.5 miles east of Rockford. Directions from Grand Rapids, MI are shown in this map.

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