Lou and Paula's Rabbits
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Rabbit Training

Rabbits can be trained in a way peculiar to the animal. They are creatures of habit.  Once a location has been used as a 'potty spot', the rabbit tends to use it again.  Take fresh droppings and urine soaked litter and place it in a litter box.  Show this to the rabbit.  The rabbit will find the litter box on their own thereafter.

Rabbits enjoy running.  It is natural for them to frisk about.  It is best to do this only when supervised. 

A rabbit cannot resist chewing an electrical cord or speaker cable.  No amount of discipline will change this.  Rabbits also enjoy chewing wood.  A block of wood is a pleasant diversion and represents no harm to the rabbit.  Avoid soft plastic items; the rabbit can ingest them.

Rabbits aren't puppies!  Conventional scolding or swatting doesn't work.  When a rabbit does something unfortunate, just put it back into its cage and ignore it.  Pretty soon it will associate going back into a cage for certain acts.  Remember this: there are no trained rabbit acts.

Don't try to house two adult male rabbits.  This shy creature will not tolerate male company.  A buck rabbit doesn't have buddies!  However, two does will get along well.
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