Lou and Paula's Rabbits
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Breed Selection

Good rabbits aren't cheap, but they don't have to cost an arm and a leg.  They're like used cars.  A $300 car is a $300 car.  Talk to several breeders.  Determine an average.  Look at the size and neatness of various operations. 

Ask questions about litter size, litters per year.  Other questions will suggest themselves.  The willingness of the breeder to share information is important.  Beware of breeders who are reluctant to anwswer questions.  They may have secrets they don't want to share or...don't know the answer to. 

There are invariably some things you will have to learn on your own but the fewer surprises you have, the better.

The slides on the left gives you a good idea of what kinds of rabbit breeds we offer(hover over them for the breed name).  Don't see any you like? Contact us and we'll do our best to find what you want.
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